• Susan Cook

Seniors and Alcohol

Elder care in Harbor Springs, MI. Did you know that alcohol is often served in Senior Living Communities? There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is consumed safely and responsibly. However, opinions are split on whether this is a good thing. Late onset alcoholism is a potential risk in Seniors.

“While some argue that it’s safer to provide alcohol in a regulated setting, where residents can consume it under the supervision of senior living staff, others cite the increased health dangers of alcohol consumption in seniors, and the potential for substance abuse in the elderly.”

If substance abuse takes place, it can be taking place along with heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s, which can cause numerous problems and health can decline in Seniors.

Concerns arise also due to complications with medications, aggravation of medical conditions, memory problems, and weakened alcohol tolerance. Stress and loneliness can also contribute to late onset alcoholism. A healthy balance needs to happen with a cocktail now and then, and possibly not every day for the elderly. Or at the very least, awareness on this issue and monitoring of residents can help as well.

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