Elder care in Harbor Springs, MI. Did you know that alcohol is often served in Senior Living Communities? There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is consumed safely and responsibly. However, opinions are split on whether this is a good thing. Late onset alcohol...


Elder care in Boyne City, MI. Winter time is coming soon and can bring many challenges for Seniors (especially in Michigan), but proper awareness and planning can help minimize these and help Seniors stay healthy and safe.

It is important to dress for warmth when going...



Elder care in Charlevoix, MI. The elderly are becoming increasingly more at risk for elderly financial abuse, especially if they are experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Financial exploitation is defined as “the illegal or improper use of the property, assets or fund...




Respite Care in Petoskey, MI. Many family members in America provide daily care for their elderly parent or grandparent so that they can continue to stay at home. This can become very physically and emotionally demanding. Most are also busy with their own family acti...

 As we age, our nutritional needs change. Seniors often are home living alone and can get into habits of not eating as well as they should. Seniors might be “stuck in their ways” if they have been eating the same way for many years. Snacks and foods that don’t need to...


Brie Cheese spread on Pandesal Plus
Creamy Bacon Shallots Onion Potatoes & Spinach Soup


Memories of home...Pandesal is "THE classic Filipino bread". These salt-bread rolls are widely enjoyed throughout the day, they are almost synonymous to rice in Filipino mea...

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