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Home Care Services

Your goal is our goal! Our professional caregivers will provide compassionate care and cater to each client’s specific needs. Listed below are several services we can provide, but please let us know if there is something unique you or a loved one needs. We will find a way to make it happen!


Minimum of 2 hours/day - up to 24 hours, 7 days a week






Home Care Services





Contact One of Our Caring Staff Members

Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)

Loss of control with ADL (Activities of Daily Living) is one of the biggest frustrations of seniors.  Many of them remain alert and mentally active even if physical activity is limited. We assist with bathing, oral care, and hair care along with toileting and dressing/undressing.


Returning Home Setup

When a family member is coming home from surgery, they may have some new and special needs living at home.   We help make the transition easier for the patient and the family.

Respite Care

As a family member caring for an elder you need help too.  Respite Care allows the family member to receive a well deserved relief from caregiving. We can relieve the main caregiver from 2 hours to 24 hours/day, a week, a weekend or on an as needed basis.


In-Cottage Care

Creating a "place for Pops" and receiving home care while vacationing Up North is one of services we provide. We offer Free In-Cottage Assessment to ensure comfort and safety for Pops while he spends family time in his cottage Up North!


Companionship Care

Our aregivers engage in conversation, read aloud from a newspaper or books, or enjoy a classic or newly released movie with client. We can also suggest new activities which may bring the Client enjoyment. And sometimes just being there helps and provides a sense of security.


Medication Reminder and Queues

We can remind the client to take their medications as prescribed and watch for any unwanted or even dangerous side effects. We CAN NOT administer any medications.


Errands and Social Events

We can assist clients with errands, bringing them along or going and doing errands for them. Caregivers assist with calendars and can assist clients with attending social events or visiting friends.


Meal Preparation and Planning

Seniors often have a decreased appetite. Food meets both physical and social needs. Our caregivers encourage interaction with the client while we prepare meals at home.    We also offer to cook gourmet meals to the client at no additional cost to the family.  


Light Housekeeping

We can assist by doing laundry, making the bed, cleaning out the refrigerator, and putting away groceries and other “light duty” chores. This does not include any climbing, lifting or moving of heavy objects, any yard work, or home repairs.


Ambulation and Transferring Assistance

We can assist a client on walks outside for excercise and fresh air. Our caregivers are skilled at using a hoyer lift system, including wheel-chair bound clients being safely transferred from bed to chair, chair to wheel-chair, and wheel-chair to car.

Thank you for contacting us, we will contact you shortly!

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