Respite Care: Relief for the family

Respite Care in Petoskey, MI. Many family members in America provide daily care for their elderly parent or grandparent so that they can continue to stay at home. This can become very physically and emotionally demanding. Most are also busy with their own family activities, job, and responsibilities. Respite care is planned short-term breaks for family members and other unpaid caregivers caring for a loved one. In home senior respite care provides relief for a few hours a day or a few days a week. This is important so they can continue to provide care for their loved one, and also supports the senior’s ability to stay home in their own environment as long as possible. If 24 hour care is need

Nutrition for Seniors

As we age, our nutritional needs change. Seniors often are home living alone and can get into habits of not eating as well as they should. Seniors might be “stuck in their ways” if they have been eating the same way for many years. Snacks and foods that don’t need to be cooked may become staples as they lose the interest or ability to cook healthy meals. “Physical and cognitive problems often cause seniors to become unable to prepare adequately nutritious or filling meals. Eating almost every meal in isolation can also exacerbate loneliness, stress and anxiety.” The elderly also have to consider their diet and how it might interact with their medications and health conditions. Caregivers can


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